ACE – Op weg naar expertise

Tot eind december 2020 ben ik opnieuw studente. Ik duik in het bad van WBECS “International Coach Certification”. Met David B. Peterson (Director, Executive Coaching & Leadership at Google- en David Goldsmith (Executive Director, 7 Paths Forward, LLC) als the ‘greatest’ instructeurs en rolmodellen in de wereld van Executive Coaching, een diepgaande en uitdagende periode. Engelse teksten? Efficiency, you got it.

Module 7_2020_Dec 9

Reinventing / Disrupting yourself

I will alway train myself, and help myclients, to see…
● Deeper inside: Look inward
● Bigger systems: Look outward
● Farther across time: Look forward, look back
● Diverse perspectives: Look through other lenses

Suri Surinder – (2017) – LinkedIn post

I used to think that if one was smart, worked hard, added value, and got along with others, it would lead to professional success. I discovered that it does, until one gets to a certain level. They help us deal with relatively predictable, controllable challenges.
To move to the head of the table, we need to be resilient, resolute,and resourceful in the face of unpredictable, uncontrollable challenges. Intellectual prowess is less of a differentiator in rare air.Character, temperament, and mental toughness define continued success when there are micro differences in ability, knowledge, and talent, and direct correlations between results and effort are inconsistent”.

Copyright © 2020. David B. Peterson, PhD & 7 Paths Forward LLC. All Rights

Module 6_2020_Nov 11

Upgrading the Human Operating System

  • Het initiële idee om hier verslag uit te brengen van mijn ACE-Certification _Journey to Mastery is niet geslaagd. Wellicht zat je hier ook niet op te wachten, want na de verworven vrijheden na de eerste lockdown en kwamen de beperkingen van een tweede lockdown.
  • Ik mag je echter gerust stellen: nog 4 weken te gaan en de ACE-Journey to Mastery is afgelopen en WAT een heerlijke, leerrijke en uitdagende JOURNEY was het!
    • Wekelijkse Opleiding met David en David, Mastermind met Bill en Practicum met mijn collega’s uit groep #17.Wekelijkse coaching met collega coach Ingunn uit Noorwegen
    • Wekelijkse coaching en intervisie met collega’s Ian uit Schotland, Dina uit Frankrijk en Nivash uit Ierland.
    • 3-wekelijkse coaching sessies met Youri en Thomas uit Gent
  • Deze Journey to Mastery gaf mij nét dat tikkeltje méér zelfvertrouwen om executives en zaakvoerders, freelancers, te coachen naar een toekomst die bij hun waarden en ‘aspiraties’ past.
  • The journey so far
    • Copyright © 2020. David B. Peterson, PhD & 7 Paths Forward LLC. All Rights
    • 5 ways great coaches amplify value
    • Novice → Competent → Mastery → Wisdom
    • Learning cycles: Action * Reflection
    • Mental models – building, testing, questioning
    • First principles thinking
    • Development Pipeline
    • GAPS Grid
    • Power of purpose: Ikigai, personal mission
    • Awareness and attention:
      • Practice awareness: What are you perceiving?
      • Manage attention: What matters to you? What are you paying attention to?
    • Arc of the engagement
    • 4 waves of change
    • Systemic coaching
    • Desirable difficulties
    • Building trust and deep connection quickly
    • Motivation and goal-setting
    • Working with “difficult” clients
    • Coaching with love
    • DNA of VUCA: Building agility and resilience
    • Leading in VUCA, complexity and change
    • Decision making in complexity
    • 2nd and 3rd order consequences
    • Multitasking: Managing attention and focus

Module 1_2020_July 22

Crafting Your Journey – The Miracles of Models

  • Chef’s Table – 3 Sterrenchef – Alain Passard
  • WHY is the Model & WHAT is the Technique
      • Innovation – Inspiration – Seeking – Evolving
      • Motivation – Passion – Desire – Magic – Enthousiasme
    • Future vision – Determined – Making Choice
      • Change vision of everyone
    • Risk taking – need of ….
      • Self-Sufficient – Trust others – Responsable
      • 24/7 Need of prove
    • Elegance of the gesture of the hand – the PERFECTION
      • Learning – Training – Repetition – Accurate – Concentration
      • Assembling techniques of Meat Cooking & Vegetables Cooking = New Cooking
      • Translation of Ballet into Cooking-techniques
      • Stop – Step back – Leaving – Rupture
      • Too radical

Kickstart _2020_July 15

My personal membership Area ACE-Certification WBECS 2020
  1. SLIDES – Ik ontdek dat er veel herhaling van de vorige opleiding “Foundations of Great Coaching” maar …..
  2. REPETITION is de boodschap. Action, Reflection, Action, Reflection….
  3. PIPELINE: Waar is the bottleneck?
  4. GAPS: De vragen die ik aan mijn klanten stel, voor mezelf beantwoorden
  5. NETFLIX: ik mag/moet Chef’s Table (Alain Passard) bekijken – Delicious.
  6. SELF MONITORING: What mindset and capabilities are most important for me to accelerate my impact as a great coach?
  7. ASSIGNMENTS: interessante taken
  8. LUCKY ONES: ik ga op zoek naar CEO’s en Zaakvoerders die willen instappen in mijn learning-zone voor de komende 6 maanden.
There is no learning in the comfort zone. There is no comfort in the learning zone.
  • MY GOAL : Experts have such a high level of experience that they are able
    to identify and solve problems intuitively, with little explicit
    analysis or planning. They see underlying patterns effortlessly
    and they apply appropriate solutions, even to complex
    and unique situations, in such a way that they generate consistently
    superior performance. Lord and Hall (2005) note
    that expert performance is marked by the ability to see and
    interpret underlying principles instead of relying on heuristics
    or surface features
    , which is what most competent performers
    do. One of the ironies of this level of performance
    is that experts can be rather inarticulate in explaining how
    they arrived at a conclusion, a phenomenon explored in
    Gladwell ’ s popular book Blink (2005).
    – David B. Peterson “Good-to-Great-Coaching, Accelarating the Journey,

Deliberated practice of Reflection

  1. Look inward
    • What is most important to you?
    • What values matter most and how are you manifesting them in what you are trying to achieve?
  2. Look outward
    • What matters most to others?
    • What expectations do they hold that you need to address in order to be successful at your endeavors?
    • How do they perceive you?
  3. Look back:
    • What have you been trying to learn and what new things have you tried?
    • What has worked well and what hasn’t worked?
    • What have you learned?
  4. Look ahead:
    • What will you do differently?
    • What do you need to keep learning?
    • Where are your opportunities to try new things?
  1. Mezelf verkopen, moet dat echt? Kathleen Cools
  2. Exploreren – Confronteren – In beweging zetten
  3. Ik ben – Ik merk ….. – Hoe gaan jullie daarmee om ?
  4. Leestip: Blackbox van de verkoper, Kathleen Cools